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Rite King Sebastian

King Sebastian Rite 

Was King Sebastian who had restored the status of the knights resident in his court, based on the Book of Houses, where he received a housing (cash and barley for his horse) in two very different orders of importance. In this new classification which lasted from the end of the sixteenth century, visible in the Rules of the chief steward of the King of Portugal D. Sebastian, their nobles began to organize themselves into two classes or orders:

First order
First degree of importance and distinct from their superiors, the Lords of the Council with the right to honor the Marquis, were all the Privy Council officially appointed by the king to members of its board. It was followed in order of importance the other grades:

1. Degree: noble knight

2. Degree: noble squire

3. High school: young gentleman

4th degree: noble chaplain for the church
Second order
1. Degree: noble knight

2. Degree: noble squire

3. High school: boy camera

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